Ilya Zlobin

 Ilya Zlobin - Sculptor Ilya Zlobin - Portrait in Black Ilya Zlobin - Sleep Ilya Zlobin - Cafe Frida
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 Ilya Zlobin - Sculptor

SOLD 31" x 32 1/4" oil

Portrait in Black
 Ilya Zlobin - Portrait in Black

SOLD 30 3/4" x 34 1/2" oil

 Ilya Zlobin - Sleep

SOLD 64" x 49" oil

Cafe Frida
 Ilya Zlobin - Cafe Frida

SOLD 20" x 10 1/4" oil








Ilya was born in 1987 in Minsk, Belarus.

He graduated from the Minsk Art College as a fine artist/easel painter and teacher.

In 2010, he was accepted at the prestigious St. Petersburg Academy of Art (Repin Institute) in St. Petersburg, Russia. He studied in the Painting department and studied in the studio of Professor Kalyta. Other professors included Mogilevtsev, Petrov, Kollegova and Manasherov.

In 2016, Ilya received the grade of “Excellent” on his final year graduation/diploma work, “My Friends.”

Since 2016, he has participated in many Academy exhibitions, competitions and plein air trips around Russia.

Currently, Ilya lives in St. Petersburg where he paints, restores works of art and teaches in a studio.

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