Irina Kon.-Zelinina

 Irina Kon.-Zelinina - Winter
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 Irina Kon.-Zelinina - Winter

59" x 39 3/8" oil









Irina Zelenina (Konovchenko) was born in 1992 in Liski, Russia near the city of Voronezh.

In 2012, she graduated fromt the Voronezh Art College with the highest marks.

In 2014, she entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Art (Repin Institute) in St. Petersburg, Russia.

As of 2019, she is a 5th year student in the painting department in Professor Kalyta’s studio.


2015. Solo exhibition in Liski, Russia.

2015. Group exhibition, "Pushkinskie Gory" in Russia.

2016. Exhibition, "Krym" in Alupka, Crimea (Russia.)

2017 Solo exhibition in Serbia.

2018 Group exhibition, “Youth of Saint-Petersburg.”

2019 Award of competition, "Portrait Now - 2019"in Denmark.

Her works are in the collection of the State Museum of Bakhchisray, Crimea and in numerous private collections in Russia and abroad.


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