Marci Oleszkiewicz

 Marci Oleszkiewicz - Guardian Angel Marci Oleszkiewicz - Autumn Breeze Marci Oleszkiewicz - Vivien Marci Oleszkiewicz - Bookworm Marci Oleszkiewicz - The Gift Marci Oleszkiewicz - Waiting on a Dream Marci Oleszkiewicz - The Red Bub tree Marci Oleszkiewicz - Little Red Riding Hood Marci Oleszkiewicz - Daylillies Marci Oleszkiewicz - The Jewel Marci Oleszkiewicz - Tiny Dancer Marci Oleszkiewicz - Grandmas Attic Marci Oleszkiewicz - Treasure Seeker
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Guardian Angel
 Marci Oleszkiewicz - Guardian Angel

36" x 28" oil  

Autumn Breeze
 Marci Oleszkiewicz - Autumn Breeze

26" x 38" oil  

 Marci Oleszkiewicz - Vivien

36" x 26" oil 

 Marci Oleszkiewicz - Bookworm

24" x 36" oil  

The Gift
 Marci Oleszkiewicz - The Gift

36" x 20" oil 

Waiting on a Dream
 Marci Oleszkiewicz - Waiting on a Dream

SOLD 24" x 18" oil 

The Red Bub tree
 Marci Oleszkiewicz - The Red Bub tree

24" x 18" oil 

Little Red Riding Hood
 Marci Oleszkiewicz - Little Red Riding Hood

12" x 9" oil 

 Marci Oleszkiewicz - Daylillies

12" x 9" oil 

The Jewel
 Marci Oleszkiewicz - The Jewel

12" x 9" oil  

Tiny Dancer
 Marci Oleszkiewicz - Tiny Dancer

SOLD  20" x 16" oil  

Grandmas Attic
 Marci Oleszkiewicz - Grandmas Attic

20" x 16" oil  

Treasure Seeker
 Marci Oleszkiewicz - Treasure Seeker

24" x 18" oil 




My passion for art was inspired at a young age. As a child, I always remember sitting at my little desk making a picture. It seemed I often communicated visually. Whether it was in a Christmas card to family or a personal journal entry, there was always a drawing to be found. I remember thinking how my little creations would become alive as I made the final touches.
I was home schooled through most of my schooling years. It was during this time that my first art teacher gave me the initial inspiration to pursue my natural drive toward art. I have since studied at The American Academy of Art in Chicago, Marwen (a not for profit organization in which I am now an alumnus) and at The Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts in Chicago. It was at the latter that I studied with many amazing artists to whom I credit my knowledge on how to see as a painter and am grateful for their generosity and encouragement. Thank you to my instructors along the way, Clayton J. Beck III, Scott Tallman Powers, Romel De La Torre, Diane Rath.
I am also inspired by many of the great masters, including Antonio Mancini, John Singer Sargent, Norman Rockwell and Richard Schmid to name a few.
I was selected to be included in Southwest Art Magazine’s “21 Under 31” section in the September, 2007 issue.

2015 Silver medal award at the Oil Painters of America Salon Show

2015 1st Place on the Oil Painters of America Summer Online Contest

2015 3rd Place on the Oil Painters of America Spring Online Contest

2015 ARC Salon International Finalist

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